General Surgery

We offer a wide array of surgical procedures as common as routine spays and neuters for dogs and cats, to more complicated soft tissue surgeries that include tumor removals, wound reconstruction, bladder stone removal, stomach and intestinal surgeries, splenectomies and biopsies.  For orthopedic and highly specialized surgeries a mobile board certified surgeon is on call as required. 

Our hospital believes that pain management is of utmost importance, and controlling your pet’s pain at the time of surgery helps to ensure a great surgical outcome.   We employ the most recent pain management techniques that include multi-modal pain management with pain medications that work through different modes of action to augment each other and minimize discomfort.  We also administer these medications prior to surgery to prevent “pain windup.”  Pain windup occurs when the patient’s nerve receptors are constantly stimulated by painful stimuli that result in increased perception of pain following the procedure.  By administering pain management prior to the first pain stimulus you can prevent pain windup.